Help Your Horse Manage Weight

Whether your horse needs to gain 100 pounds or lose 100 pounds, US Chia seeds can help them achieve the proper weight.

US Chia seeds promote weight management in several ways. They are a healthy source of fat at 32%, with a proper 3:1 ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s. Fats that have an inverse ratio (such as vegetable oil, or soybean oil often found in horse feeds) can often increase inflammation. Additionally, US Chia seeds contain no sugars or starches, giving your horse the nutrients they need, without the negative side effects of feeding increased amounts of grain.

The hydrophilic property of US Chia seeds increases horses' digestive motility, by assisting in movement through the digestive tract. Chia seeds high fiber content causes it to turn gelatinous after contact with moisture, and causing the seeds to pass through the gut in this form. This has several benefits, including balancing metabolism, regulating stool movement, and clearing sand or debris from the intestinal tract. By optimizing digestion, you can ensure that your horse is getting maximum nutrient absorption from feed, hay and other supplements (or lack there of) and encourage them to eat regularly throughout the day as their bodies were designed to do. These two facets in tandem help your horse gain or lose weight in a healthy, natural way.

For further information on how chia seeds help with digestive issues such as colic, ulcers and metabolism, check out our page on gut health.  

Tracy in Illinois has been using US Chia seeds for her horse, Festin. He is a 17 year old off the track Thoroughbred with recurring GI ulcers and has difficulty maintaining weight:

I have to say that overall his weight and muscling seem to be improving.  He is still nice and shiny and he loves his chia.  It has been very easy to give.  Also, he is eating very well and he seems to be doing ok off of his Smartgut Ultra.  So far loving it and planning to use it longterm. It is unseasonably cold and he is a hard keeper, but I see a difference already.”


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