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Team US Chia

To navigate the vast ocean of the equine industry, we've created Team US Chia - a network of respected and qualified professionals from all corners of the horse community who help spread the good word on chia. Team US Chia members typically fall under one of two categories: Representatives or Sponsored Riders and Trainers.


Our Representatives are made up of Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Equine Therapists, and Trainers, who actively sell our chia seeds through their own businesses and networks. We are proud to work with many well established equine professionals who believe in what we do and can provide credibility to the value and benefits of feeding chia seeds.

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US Chia also provides sponsorships to established riders and trainers who use our product and want develop a mutual support system. Our relationships with these individuals allow us to be a part of and  bring value to all the equestrian disciplines.

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