US Chia is proud to work with some amazing Vets, Nutritionists, Therapists and Trainers who help their clients improve their nutrition with US Chia.

Candy Platz, DVM

In addition to being a retired veterinarian, Dr. Platz is serious amateur dressage rider. She is currently sitting in third out of the US Adult Amateurs at the Grand Prix level. Her competition horse, Fynn, is a PMU rescue turned Grand Prix dressage horse. Platz is also has a strong interest in equine nutrition, as she is always looking for better ways to support her horses' health. For her feed plan, she focuses on using whole foods, high-fat content, and the right balance of supplements to help her performance horses feel their best.  

Joyce Harman, DVM

Harmany Equine Clinic, Ltd has been open since 1990, bringing holistic healing to horses from all walks of life, backyard retirees to Olympic competitors. Over the years Dr. Joyce Harman has observed and adapted to the changing needs of our horses and clients. In 2001, she wrote the first paper in a peer-reviewed journal about the possibility that horses have insulin resistance (IR), and now it is part of our every day conversation. In 2004 she published the first comprehensive book on English saddle fitting since the 1800’s, with the western version of the book following in 2006. To this date, these books are the only books written by an author who is independent from a saddle company, which brings unbiased information to the horse world.

Juliet M. Getty, PhD

Dr. Getty has been working with horse owners for more than 25 years. A pioneer in free choice forage feeding, Dr. Getty’s philosophy is founded on feeding a horse in sync with his natural needs and instincts. She approaches equine health from a holistic perspective and considers nutrition a critical (and too often overlooked) element in the prevention and treatment of disease and disorders. Her unbiased opinions and recommendations are based on scientific research and are independent of feed, supplement, or pharmaceutical company influence. Through private consultations, she designs customized feeding plans to promote horses’ health, reverse illness, and optimize performance; she believes every horse owner should include sound nutrition practices to give every horse a lifetime of vibrant health.

Kathy Backus, DVM

Dr. Backus has been a veterinarian since 1996, having an interest in holistic medicine. She earned an acupuncture scholarship through IVAS during veterinary school and has been involved with holistic veterinarians through the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Currently, Kathy runs her practice out of Kaysville, Utah, where she is also working on a certificate in animal communication through the Gurney Institute. When she's not working with clients, Kathy and her husband can usually be found spending time with their own horses, who they compete in the sport of endurance riding.

Laura Batts

Laura raised her family of four children on a horse farm where she was a professional Hunter trainer, instructor and judge. When her children were grown she obtained her Professional Animal Scientist certification in equine studies as well as an Advanced FeedMaster™ certification in equine nutrition. She uses these and her Master of Environmental Studies in her company Happy Horse Healthy Planet to assist horse owners with taking optimal care of their horses. Laura's experience as an equestrian and nutritionist provided her with an extensive background in equine health care and she offers this info on her blogs EcoEquine and The Equine Nutrition Nerd as well as at horse club meetings and expos.  She funds her equine educational outreach through horse health and farm consulting and her lifestyle brand Horse Hippie which offers unique products for both the horse and horse owner.

Lauren McGarry

Lauren Michele McGarry, founder of Red Horse Equine Arts, brings 24 years of experience & love to her business. Besides managing and teaching at her holistic training facility, Lauren is a licensed Massage Therapist. She is also a trained yoga practitioner, out of which she developed "Yoga for Equestrians" in 2001. Additionally, her studies in holistic healthcare and Somatic Psychology at Naropa University in Colorado culminated in a new perspective she brought back to the art of Horsemanship. Combining her studies in holistic healing, allopathic medicine & psychology with her life-long work with horses, Lauren Michele has developed a unique philosophy and dedication to the art of Horsemanship and Healing.

Madalyn Ward, DVM

Dr. Ward graduated from Texas A&M University in 1980. She worked in an equine practice until 1985, and then started her own practice at Bear Creek Veterinary Clinic in Austin, Texas. After four more years of practice, she remained frustrated about many aspects of western medicine. Despite regularly attending conferences, consulting with experts and reading all the latest literature, she was still not curing many chronic conditions. Madalyn also found many conventional practices very invasive and unappreciated by her patients. She wanted her patients to live happier and healthier lives, so in 1989 she started seeking out information and training in alternative healing methods. She was amazed at the wealth of knowledge about true healing and has found that horse owners and veterinarians who have faced similar frustrations are open to alternative methods.

Wendy Ying, DVM

Dr. Ying is the veterinarian at 5 Elements for Animals. She offers acupuncture, herbal therapy, food therapy, laser therapy and nutritional and wellness consults for sport horses, companion and farm animals and is branching out to exotics and marine mammals. In her spare time, Wendy competes her sportcobs in combined and pleasure driving as singles, pairs, tandems, fours. She also fox hunts and shows in dressage. She co hosts the Horse Radio Network's fastest growing show, The Driving Radio Show, with Glenn the Geek, a weekly podcast about everything driving. Wendy leads the TCVM segment and is a frequent guest host on Horses in the Morning, a daily live podcast about everything horsey.