Keep Your Horse's Skin, Coat and Hooves Healthy

Skin and Coat

As a result of the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in US Chia seeds, our customers have noticed their horse's coats are shinier, richer in color, and much more dappled even after just 30 days on US Chia seeds.

The Omega-3 fatty acids in US Chia seeds benefit the skin by helping to strengthen cell membranes' barriers that allow water and nutrients in, while keeping toxins out. This results in a soothing effect, which helps horses suffering from severe skin sensitivities and allergies find relief.

Hoof Strength & Growth

Proper nutrition is critical for healthy hoof growth and integrity. US Chia seeds contain nutrients that are important for strong, healthy hooves. US Chia seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein. These amino acids help build additional proteins, including keratin—a structural protein that plays a key role in maintaining hoof strength. US Chia seeds also contain calcium and phosphorus to support hoof growth.

Laminitis Prevention

Laminitis is not just a hoof problem, all aspects of your horse's health needs to be taken into consideration. However, ensuring your horse's hooves are in optimal condition can help to preserve your horse's hooves and health if laminitis were to occur, making US Chia seeds a perfect addition to any horse's diet. Additionally, the soluble fiber in US Chia seeds can help to slow the absorption of glucose, preventing spikes in blood glucose. Keeping blood glucose concentration steady reduces the risk of a laminitis flare up.

Connie started feeding US Chia to her horse, a 12-year-old Paint mare in the beginning of September. By the end of the month, Connie was amazed at the difference they had made.

“I began giving her 1/2 scoop of chia seeds on September 1st in her evening feeding. I didn’t expect to see much difference but the chia seeds sounded very nutritious so I wanted to try them. A few days ago I was brushing her and she has a new shine and “slickness” to her coat that I have never seen on her. I even noticed that her hooves seem to look shinier! I don’t know if that’s even possible but in the year and a half that I have owned her, I never noticed the light shining off her hooves when I was out there at night!”

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