Keep Your Horse Calm

US Chia Seeds supply horses with a natural calming effect, by providing a balanced diet, absent of sugars and starches that may increase nervousness. The forages that horses evolved eating contained higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids compared to omega-6 fatty acids.  In today’s world of highly fortified, grain-based feeds, that ratio is reversed.  Supplementing with chia seeds helps to increase dietary omega-3 fatty acids to provide a more balanced diet.


The fat content in chia seeds can be an excellent source of energy without providing a “sugar rush.”  Fat is metabolized very slowly compared to the sugars that make up carbohydrates.  Adding US Chia seeds as a fat energy source can help maintain a steady release of energy without causing large bursts of  (and subsequent pitfalls) energy associated with large amounts of starch and sugar. 


The fat and fiber content of chia seeds may also support a slower, steadier absorption of dietary nutrients, helping to reduce large spikes in energy, therefore helping to create a more even supply of energy and minimizing excitability.


Chia seeds also contain magnesium (Mg), a mineral found in many calming supplements for horses today that is proven to naturally decrease nervousness.

We met Kaitlyn at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts  last fall, where she picked up a bucket of US Chia Seeds for her horse Baron. We'll just let Kaitlyn speak for herself:

"True to Baron’s Thoroughbred nature he is very accident prone and let’s just say… mentally “quirky” (especially during our harsh New England winters!) He is the horse in the barn that you kid about needing bubble wrap. We have been having a brutally awful winter so far, which tends to bring out Baron’s less desirable characteristics. For the first time in our almost 4 years of owning him… his mental state is manageable (although he still has his moments!) and he physically rebounds much faster than ever before. The only difference has been introducing US Chia into his diet." 

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