The US Chia 90 Day Challenge

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In exchange for tracking the progress of your horse(s) using our chia seeds, you will receive a 10% discount on a 90-day-supply of US grown chia. All 90-Day Challenge participants are backed by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

How Can You Join the 90-Day Challenge?

Click the button above to apply for the 90-Day Challenge. We will contact qualifying participants directly to discuss the details of the program and gather further information about you and your horse(s).

What Does 90 Days of Chia Seeds Look Like?

US Chia Seeds Bucket

Chia seeds can be consumed daily, fed raw (unmilled), and can be easily mixed in with your horse's feed. Higher daily doses help with digestive issues and colic prevention. We recommend using a scoop that measures 1/4 cup (1.8oz or 50g) of seeds. You should feed one scoop daily for average horses, and two scoops daily for large or highly active or sick horses. Typically, 1 average horse will consume 4-5 lb. of seeds per month.

In order to participate in the 90-Day Challenge, you will need to purchase a 90-day supply of US Chia seeds. We typically recommend for participants with 1 horse to purchase our 12 lb. bag of US grown equine chia seeds, which should last one horse a little over 90 days.

What Results Can You Expect to See in 90 Days?

Although all horses are unique, most customers see dramatic differences in their horse(s) during the 90-Day Challenge. Past participants have reported positive changes in weight, conformation, temperament, hoof condition, skin and coat condition and much more! 

For example, Jennifer K of Florida rescued Gemma, an off-the-track Thoroughbred mare who was underweight and in need of healthy fat and coat condition. After 30 days she could see a noticeable difference in her weight and even had to get a new girth! Both Jennifer and her trainer were very happy with how she was looking, and couldn't believe the impact of feeding US Chia after just 90 days.

Before US Chia:

After 30 Days:

After 90 Days:

What are US Chia's Benefits for Horses?

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest, most nutrient dense foods on earth, and are especially great for horses. Chia seeds can be used as a natural replacement for many supplements because they already contain many of the same nutrients. As a natural product, chia seeds are more palatable for horses and easier to digest. Chia seeds offer a wide variety of benefits such as:

Why Should You Work with US Chia?

We believe that quality nutrition is fundamental to good health. There are many companies that sell chia seeds, but US Chia produces our own chia seeds right here in the United States. Our seeds ship directly from our farm to your home. By using American farmers and American farmland, we can ensure a high-quality, contamination-free source of chia seeds. We are committed to quality products, great customer service, and creating jobs here in the US.

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