Support Your Horse During the Summer Show Season

With show season being in full effect, keeping your horse in tip-top shape can have a huge impact on performance. Summer heat, stress and an increased amount of traveling can often make top performing horses harder to maintain. As horse owners, our horse’s health is always a top priority. Adding chia seeds to your horse’s diet is a simple, all natural way to ensure that this years show season doesn’t slow your horse down.

Chia seeds have many benefits, making them the perfect addition to your horse’s diet. Here are some of the top benefits we think will keep your horse show ready:

Immune Support- Chia seeds are the highest naturally occurring source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to boost the immune system. Exposing horses to foreign environments and large numbers of unknown horses, can often compromise their immune systems. Strengthening your horse’s immune system can help prevent your horse from getting sick this season.

Hydration- When away at horse shows, horses can often be finicky about drinking water, or access to water may be more limited than usual, and showing in the hot summer heat can make ensuring that your horse is hydrated challenging at times. Adding soaked chia seeds to your horse’s diet is an easy way to prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in bodily fluids. Chia seeds have high fiber content, allowing them to absorb 10-12 times their own weight in water. (We typically recommend soaking seeds about 20 minutes before feeding to ensure all seeds fully absorb water.) Integrating chia seeds into your horses diet will make hydrating and recovery fast and easy this season.

Calming Effects- Placing horses in new environments can often make even some of the calmest horses stressed out. Chia seeds have multiple calming properties that will make coping with stress easier for your horse. Chia seeds have a high fat content making them an excellent source of energy without causing a “sugar rush”. Fat energy sources help to maintain a steady release of energy throughout the day. Additionally, Chia seeds contain magnesium, an element found in most calming supplements.

    Those are just a few of the benefits chia seeds provide that will help keep your horse show ready. You can read more about additional benefits like digestion support, weight management, allergy relief and many more on our website page Benefits for Horses. Additionally, check out our Team US Chia riders who use US Chia seeds to ensure their horses stay happy and healthy every show season! Good luck this show season!