Meet Kyra Our Helmet Giveaway Winner!

Whether there’s rain, snow, or sunshine you can bet Kyra Burns is spending her free time at the barn, or in the saddle. Her passion for horses began when she was just six years old, and from then on she knew riding was something she would always do. She was hooked, to say the least.

Kyra's riding career began like most, starting with lessons and then working her way to leasing, and then owning a horse. Her riding career really took off when she joined the United States Pony Club in 2008. Through the United States Pony Club Kyra has been able to learn so much about riding and owning a horse, and has been an active member since. Kyra's favorite competition is even Pony Club Championships where she competed Novice Level Three-Day Eventing in 2014! One of her personal accomplishments within the United States Pony Club was passing her HB rating, a national certification, this past summer.                                                              
Kyra got her first horse No Guts No Glory AKA "Glory" in 2012, and has been working with her for four years now. Glory is a 16 year old Connemara Thoroughbred that is the perfect combination of sweet and quirky, Kyra would say. Glory always knows when someone has treats, and isn't afraid to let them know that she wants them! Glory can be a bit silly at times, doing things like sticking her tongue out for long periods of time after drinking water, but Kyra says that Glory is the sweetest horse she has ever met.

Glory has been a project horse for Kyra, teaching her many things about a wide variety of disciplines. They first began competing in Jumpers, then moving to Three-Day Eventing where they have worked their way up to Training Level. Currently the pair is focusing on Dressage, where they have competed up to First Level. However, Kyra and Glory are still working to advance both their Show Jumping and Three-Day Eventing, with hopes of competing in the Pony Club Championships in 2017. 


Glory is currently on supplements for both joint, and digestive aid. Kyra is hoping that US Chia seeds can address these issues, along with Glory's nerves, as a natural alternative to Glory's current supplements. Kyra is very excited to see what US Chia seeds can do for her!

Congratulations on wining your Custom Charles Owen AYR8 and 25 lb. bucket of US Chia Seeds Kyra! We can't wait to see your continued success with Glory!

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