Help Your Horse Manage Their Winter Weight

Whether your horse struggles with being over weight or under weight, US Chia seeds are the solution to help your horse manage their weight this winter! But how can one supplement provide a solution for all weight types? US Chia seeds promote weight management in several ways, optimizing digestion and aiding in gut health for all horses. This natural, holistic supplement is the perfect addition to any horse's winter weight management regimen.

For Horses Overweight, Underweight, and Those In-between

US Chia Seeds contain no sugar or starches, giving your horse the nutrients they need, without the negative side effects of feeding increased amounts of grain.

The hydrophilic property of US Chia seeds increases horses' digestive motility by assisting in movement through the digestive tract. Chia seed's high fiber content causes them to turn gelatinous after contact with moisture, and causes the seeds to pass through the gut in this form. This has several benefits, including balancing metabolism, regulating stool movement, and clearing sand debris from the intestinal tract.

By optimizing digestion, you can ensure that your horse is getting maximum nutrient absorption from feed, hay and other supplements (or lack there of) and encourage them to eat regular thought the day as their bodies were designed to do.

Additionally, 2 oz. of chia seeds are only 276 calories, therefor they should only contribute to weight gain if your horses is underweight and has digestive issues preventing them from fully receiving the nutrients from their food.

US Chia seeds offer several other benefits to keep your horse healthiest this winter season. Click below to learn more about US Chia seed's benefits.

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