Guest Post: Emily Dengler

US Chia is excited to present this guest blog post from our new friend Emily Dengler, the brilliant mind behind the growing blog, Oh No There's Flowers! We hope you enjoy this post from Emily, and take a moment to visit her smart and funny blog. 

10 Things Only OTTB Owners Understand

  • You talk with your vet more than your mom. It seems our high withered friends get themselves into more trouble than other horses. Whether it is a lame leg, a finicky eater, or a good gash, as an OTTB owners you are bound to have your vet on speed dial.
  • You have a collection of pulled shoes. Whoever said that Thoroughbreds have bad feet was 100% right. If you make it to the 6-week mark, consider yourself lucky! The rest of us will be searching pastures and buying supplements.

  • You totally almost lost a finger while reading a lip tattoo. But, really! Why do they have to be 2 inches from their teeth?
  • You've probably scoped for ulcers... Twice.  A whopping 80-90% of racehorses are thought to have ulcers. If you own an OTTB then my guess is you have treated for ulcers and then probably treated again. Good news is you now can flawlessly pronounce omeprazole.
  • You are always up to watch Seabiscuit no matter how many time you’ve seen it. So who cares if you can quote every line? SPOILER: You still cry when he wins. 

  • You could seriously make a career as a P.I. with how much you’ve stalked your OTTB’s race history. You know silk colors, jockey names, placings, earnings, and his bloodlines back to the 1800s. 
  • You. Can’t. Find. A. Saddle. That. FITS! This might be the most well understood facet of owning an OTTB. While a low bulk, streamlined body may make for a fast horse, it makes for an impossible back. Their toplines are so unique, saddle makers have even started making “Thoroughbred trees.” So good luck and know that we are all in this together.
  • Your OTTB gets two birthdays! Thanks to the universal New Year’s rule, your horse gets not one, but two official birthdays. And without a doubt there are two sets of balloons, two birthday videos, two sets of presents, and two rounds of birthday treats.
  • You can wrap a leg like nobody’s business. Remember that first part about OTTBs getting into more trouble than other horses? Well it also means you can do a standing wrap better than anyone. Let’s just hope your little wrap chewer doesn’t destroy them!

  • You can’t remember the last time you ate something green (or not from McDonalds), but your horse only gets premium grain, the highest quality second cutting hay, all natural, GMO free, vegan treats and carrots from the organic section.  There is not much equestrians would not do for their four legged soulmates. So, here is to more sleepless nights, vet calls, Big Macs, Ulcer Guard, pulled shoes, happy birthdays, trial saddles, Seabiscuit and loving being an OTTB owner.