Featured Customer: Alix Kendall

This week, the US Chia team was lucky enough to catch up with Alix Kendall, one of our amazing US Chia monthly subscribers, Alix Kendall!

Alix is an owner and trainer at Angels Landing Farm, managing anywhere from 10 to 14 horses at a time. “I fell out of the womb already mounted and neighing,” says Alix, “and now I ride and work anywhere between 4 and 8 horses per day.”

What may first look like dressage is so much more. “If you drove onto our farm, you would think I am riding dressage, however I’m using a rehabilitative toolbox, found and honed by a lifetime of teachers and intuition,” says Alix. “My top goal in equestrian sport is to create a deeply breathing athlete who is supple and sensitive. I allow them do things, and support their eagerness to work.”

Prior to starting US Chia, Alix says she was concerned with the proper supplementation for her herd. “I employed a PhD in Equine Nutrition to consult with us after trying a few other supplements with no measurable results.”

With a combination of warmbloods, Lusitanos, Quarter Horses and Appendix Quarter Horses, Alix needed a supplement that could support a variety of fitness levels and maintenance issues. “I’ve seen huge improvements in my horses,” says Alix, “I would absolutely recommend US Chia to a friend or fellow pro!”

Thanks so much to Alix and the team at Angels Landing Farm for being such incredible advocates for holistic and organic supplements!