Horses Kick Ass Part 2: Horses Are Celebrities

Hey gang, Zack here. So just like people, horses can be celebrities too. From athletes to TV stars, horses have earned the same celebrity status as human stars for their performances. That's pretty neat, and is just another reason why I find horses to be among my new favorite animals.

Hooved Actors

There are a number of TV shows and films that relied heavily on the acting chops of our four legged friends. No famous cowboys were ever complete without a furry sidekick -- just take Roy Rodgers and Trigger for example. Others like Bamboo Harvester, who played Mr. Ed, were the star of the series, handly earning the title of celebrity. The list goes on and on, Black Beauty, Flicka, Hidalgo etc… but don’t worry, I learned there is an animal equivalent of the Oscar Award -- called the Patsy Award -- to reward these hard working creatures for their efforts.


 Bamboo Harvester demonstrating his driving skills in episode of Mr. Ed


The famous Trigger and Flicka

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Horse!

Lets not forget about those horses who do the dirty work for their actor friends -- stunt horses. Many movies have depended on the bravery and skills of trained stunt horses to make the films realistic and action-packed. Animal stunts have long been controversial and drawn attention for injuries and deaths of horses on set; however today conditions are safer for equine stuntmen than human stuntmen. To honor these guys, the Craven Award is given every year to the best stunt-horse in Hollywood. The 1951 recipient of this award is Jerry Brown -- a nondescript looking, professional falling horse -- leaped 75 feet into water for a film. Apparently, horses are a lot like humans when it comes to thrill seeking. Just like some people enjoy skydiving, some horses are fallers and have no problem to take a plunge.

Horse jumping off a cliff


A real horse diving for a stunt

Hall of Famer Status

If you go to the Kentucky Horse Park, you can visit the Hall of Champions and meet some famous equines who have earned “hall of famer” status. Most of these guys were previously supreme athletes who utilize their retirement to delight the crowds of people who come daily to see them. That’s nice of them isn’t it.

Funny Cide pleasing a crowd of onlookers


Cigar strutting his stuff for Kentucky Horse Park visitors


Horses in Music

Many musicians have also found themselves inspired by the majesty of these graceful beasts. In particular country artists such as Toby Keith and Big and Rich have heavily featured our equine friends in popular tracks like Beer For My Horses, or the classic hit -- Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy. But it’s not just country, check out America’s A Horse With No Name, or if we want to get a little more modern, Katy Perry’s recent Dark Horse.


Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, Big & Rich


A horse with no name, America


Dark Horse, Katy Perry

Celebrities Love Horses Too

Not only are many horses celebrities, but many celebrities love horses. William Shatner is an avid competitor in Saddlebred shows, while Mary Kate Olsen and Gisele Bundchen also enjoy some time in the saddle now and then. Royalty are also always into horses. Just check out the Queen Elizabeth’s herd. I can’t think of very many downsides to being a royal stud.


William Shatner competing at the Blue Ridge Classic


Mary Kate Olsen competing on Swagger at the Hampton Classic Horse Show
Gisele Bundchen showing this horse who's boss
Queen Elizabeth out for a quiet stroll

So that’s all for today’s installment, and I once again feel like I have made a case for why horses kick ass. The goal of this series is to make horses relatable to guys and gals like me, people outside the industry, who would love horses if they were given the right exposure.

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